Modern Body Engineering


August 28, 2013
Powertech Robotics Inc.

Excerpt from a recommendation letter for us,

I want to thank you for filling the shoes of a "No-Show" robot engineer, and for your ability to reprogram robots in the short window of time allotted by the July plant shutdown, while MBE simultaneously integrated new hemming technology into a cell in desperate need of repair; producing seven hundred fifty thousand dollars of scrap the prior twelve months due to periodic quality issuses.  Those are big shoes to fill!

Once Powertech Robotics arrived at the cell, they put on their red shoes and cape, then immediately placed the project on track toward completion; overcoming two major obstacles that were unknown to all:
.  original architecture of existing cabinets were out of specification.
.  original hardware interface map was out of ABB specification.

At the end of the project, these and other program obstacles presented time lags during robot hand offs that you were able to work around, improving cycle time.

MBE recommends Powertech Robotics Inc. to all our customers.

Jonathon Reo Campian
President of MBE

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