Brampton Assembly Plant

Randy, I want to thank you for your personal efforts and leadership in making the BAP DDHF Launch a success.  Both you and your team have done a fantastic job of identifying, communicating, addressing issues with both the equipment and the process.  I really appreciate the hours and hard work your group has committed to this program – that commitment is evident to everyone in the area including the production and skilled trades hourly employees.

As we look forward into the next launch and beyond we need to ensure that we maintain a strong tech support group with demonstrated ability and knowledge of this equipment/process.  In particular I want to make sure we continue our partnership with Powertech Robotics.  Tony Lyons and his group have provided us with the highest level of tech support and have been outstanding at troubleshooting problems in high pressure situations.  I have stopped counting the number of critical issues they have detected through their proactive initiatives.  They were key ingredient in our Power Bump Recovery process development, training, and implementation.  They have taken it upon themselves to develop a working relationship with the skilled trades on the floor – so much that the Trades now look to Tony and his group for information, know-how, and advice on improving their lines and their own skill sets.

Powertech Robotics have proven time and time again, that they are the go-to guys on the toughest challenges.  In the future, when the plant calls ASME for robotic/automation support, we would like to have Powertech reps sent in to work with the BAP Team.

Again, thank you for your leadership and support through ‘04, ‘05 and ’06 Launches.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

PIPES Campbell Stephen Piper
Area Manager – DDHF
Brampton Assembly Plant